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"More Gross Profit" is one of the few books available that addresses price HEAD ON. It is designed specifically for salespeople who are selling similar products sold by their competitors with price being one of the key issues.

It took over 7 years to create the content. Interviews with 507 professional purchasing managers and 3,759 business owners were conducted to discover how they made their buying decisions. Their annual purchasing responsibilities ranged from $500,000 to more than half a billion dollars.

More Gross Profit Contents
1 What percent of customers change vendors for a lower price?

2 Is it part of a buyer's job to ask for a discount over and over again?

3 How do you handle rejection, mistakes, and that “lost account“ feeling?

4 How do you sell customers who have no interest in buying from you?

5 How do you make the sale by justifying prices rather than discounting them?

6 If your buyer doesn't fear overpaying, what is their biggest purchasing fear?

7 How do you handle customers who say: “I don’t care about anything but price?”

8 How many salespeople volunteer to cut their price without being asked and why?

9 How should you react and respond when a customer is “shocked“ at your price?

10 What do you do when a customer uses a bait and switch to get a lower price?

11 If you are always getting beat up on price what fatal mistake are you making?

12 Is there a way to make up a gross profit reduction by increasing your volume?

13 What is the best way to avoid falling into the price trap on your first call?

14 What is the best way to add value to every product and service you sell?

15 How can you set up the presentation so the customer willingly pays more?

16 How should you react when the customer has set the stage in their favor?

17 What should you do when a customer agrees to your price too quickly?

18 How do you ask for something in return in exchange for a price reduction?

19 How do you negotiate price and still maintain a good business relationship?

20 How can you act “as if“ you are laying your job on the line when discounting?

21 How do you respond when a customer asks “is that the best you can do?”

22 What response can you use that will overcome nearly every objection?

23 How do you make the sale when the competitor’s price is lower?

24 Why should you never be the one to offer to split the difference?

25 What is the best way to respond when someone says: “take it or leave it?”

26 How can you remove the “uncertainty” about selling on commission?

27 What is a proven method for increasing call effectiveness as much as 70%?

28 How to avoid the biggest complaints customers have about salespeople?

29 How can you get the customer to show you exactly how to make the sale?

30 How can you make a new account call and never get turned down?

31 What can you say that will have a customer lean forward and ask for more?

32 How to make a presentation that will make it impossible not to buy from you?

33 How can you get 10 to 20 people helping you sell every new prospect?

34 How can you turn every objection into an opportunity and reason to buy?

35 Four closing strategies that will work every time without being pushy?

36 How can your expectations increase the effectiveness of your close?

37 Why do you lose 25% of your customers every year and how to stop it?

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