Thursday, March 12, 2020

Four tips that help organize your time

Using your calendar can make a difference in whether you meet your goals.

Here are 4 tips that help organize your time.

1. Keep your calendar with you at all times. This can be an electronic calendar such as one on a smartphone or a hard copy such as an organizer. You never know when you might get a call that requires a scheduled meeting.

2. Schedule it now. If you know you need a meeting, get it on the calendar as soon as you can. The longer you put it off, the more likely you are going to have scheduling issues or conflicts.

3. Put customers first. If you’re asked to do something by a customer, put it on the calendar so you don't forget. Always schedule a follow-up meeting after each presentation.

4. Schedule time in your calendar for email. This is perhaps THE most important calendar management tip. You can easily spend hours on email if you allow it. Dedicate a specific time of the day to email. Unless it is an emergency, don't let email (or social media) interrupt your productive selling time.