Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How I went from a failing sales person to the #1 sales trainer in a $200 billion dollar industry...

The year was 1992. On August 25th I was in Boise ID for a company meeting. It was also my 25th wedding anniversary. I soon discovered the purpose of the meeting was to fire me. This is a period of time when the industry was going through huge consolidation and cutbacks.

I went to the airport to fly home to Oklahoma and called my wife.

“Two things, Honey. 1. Happy anniversary. 2. I just got fired."

I decided to strike out on my own as an independent sales trainer. A profession that has a 97% failure rate. I also wanted to show the company I worked for what a HUGE mistake they made by handing me my walking papers.

After selling our house, putting our belongings in a storage facility we spent the next SEVEN YEARS traveling the country living in hotel rooms and working out of our van! TOGETHER WE DROVE 418,000 MILES, TRADED OUR VAN IN ON AN RV AND SPENT ANOTHER FOUR YEARS DRIVING AN ADDITIONAL 279,000 MILES!

We spent many nights in Wal-Mart parking lots, truck stops and rest areas throughout North America racing from one city to another to be on time for another seminar. We kept going, and going, never giving ONE THOUGHT TO QUITTING.

All my sales came from writing sales letters while driving from one seminar to another. If I couldn’t write a persuasive sales letter and close the deal with a phone call, we simply could not eat. Every time a prospect got a sales letter from me it was postmarked from a different city. We had no outside help what-so-ever.

After presenting over two thousand seminars (my wife sitting with the audience in every one of them, coaching me and taking notes about the audience reactions), and selling over 100,000 copies of my self-published training manuals, we realized that we accomplished the impossible. Some of the largest companies in the industry were hiring me to speak to their sales and management teams. I had become the #1 independent sales trainer in a 200-billion-dollar industry.

I still hold the record for training more salespeople in the food distribution industry than any other person in the history of the business.

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