Sunday, March 10, 2019

How to lose the sale in one minute

When you are approaching a new account think of your first few words as the sales copy on the envelope. The job of the sales copy is NOT to make the sale, but to get them to OPEN IT UP!

Keep in mind that if they don't open the envelope the sale will NEVER be made! The same with your opening line. If you don't hit the right button the door doesn't open.

Here are some of the standard openers and my translation. If you are guilty you might spend a little time creating something that works for you. Be easy on yourself, everyone has used them.

"I am sorry for interrupting."

Translation: I really don't amount to much - you are much more important than I am - you see I am just a doormat waiting for someone to wipe their feet on me.

"I know you are busy."

Translation: I really don't have any respect for you or your time - you are a busy and important person and I am intruding on your day.

"I was in the neighborhood."

Translation: I am not very organized - I simply drift through my day from neighborhood to neighborhood making random calls on people and waste their time.

"Do you need anything?"

Translation: I am not much of a salesperson and I was wondering if there are any crumbs left over from a real salesperson who has been here.

"I wanted to stop by and introduce myself."

Translation. I am not ambitious enough to have done some homework about you, so I guess I will tell you all about ME.

I think you get the point. Things are different today, so you must be different, or they eat you alive.

Today’s customers are being bombarded with thousands of sales and marketing messages every day. How do you stand out and set yourself apart from the crowd? You have to hit them with a HUGE BENEFIT. A benefit that will have the same power as if you hit them between the eyes with a baseball bat!

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