Thursday, December 27, 2018

Today's customer can't be sold

How do you reach potential customers in a market where people are exposed to advertising nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most people don't pay attention to anything. Especially your sales pitch.

Here’s the answer: You don’t try to sell them. You find ways to help them.

People are looking for solution to their problems and needs. They don’t want to hear about what you are selling. They want to understand how to fix their problems.

This is called content marketing and here's how to start using it is NOW.

Content marketing is all about bringing customers to you instead of pushing your product on them.

Content marketing is all about creating information that will help your target customer by providing answers to their questions, helping them solve their problems, and start building a relationship.

Once they get to know you, they will begin to trust you as an authority and be interested about the solutions you have that can solve their problems.

Once they know you and trust you they will buy from you.

How to Get Started...

This sounds simple, but that’s the beauty of this:

Create content that helps your target customer. Start with a list of FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions.

Think of what problems your customers have and write your answer to them in the form of a Q&A. Show them how to solve their problems.

Think about the "why" people buy from you, or the questions you get. Write the answer to each one.

Whatever your business is, a hotel, a restaurant, a shop, a grocery store, a health food store, or a sales rep, there are questions your customers are asking. Write them down, and you have a great marketing brochure.

There is another benefit of a list of FAQs, and that is for training your employees. When you hire a new member for your staff, you have a ready-made training manual.

Start with this question:

Q. What do people like about us?

A. Fill the answer in with your best reviews.

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