Friday, March 16, 2018

The Average Supermarket is Stocked With Over 40,000 Items

Every business faces the problem of how to get noticed, how to get customers to listen, how to get them to believe you and how to get them to decide on doing business with you.

Some people open up shop and think business will come automatically. That may be true for some companies, but if there are a dozen other similar businesses you must differentiate yourself, otherwise there's no reason for anyone to come to you.

In a supermarket the manufacturers are constantly competing for shelf space. But even when they get their items on the shelf, they have to get people to buy them. The average supermarket is stocked with over 40,000 items. Yet the average family satisfies 85% of its needs from about 150 products. That means these shoppers ignore 39,850 of the other items in the supermarket.

How do these 39,850 products survive? Well, many of them don't. Those that do survive have something in common. They are able to communicate a relevant benefit using their packaging, point of sale material and marketing campaigns.

Notice it said relevant benefit, not benefits. A person's mind has a tendency to be attracted to simple ideas rather than complicated ones. Your relevant benefit should be reduced to its utmost simplicity, yet still be presented in an appealing way that grabs a prospects interest and motivates him or her to buy.

People don't want to remember a hundred things about you. They just want to remember something simple and important - what you will do for them. When we are presented with a bunch of competing messages, we tend to focus only on the simple ones that we can believe and remember.

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