Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Have you ever felt like you might not be cut out for sales?

You are parked behind a restaurant waiting for your appointment time. You could be selling them anything. Association membership, equipment, supplies, insurance, etc. It's the hottest day of summer. The afternoon rain shower made the humidity so thick you can cut it with a knife.

You open your car door and the steam from the blacktop makes it feel even hotter. You walk past the dumpster and the smell practically makes you sick. You open the back door to the kitchen and the heat hits you like a blast furnace.

The person you are going to see is standing in front of the stove. You know he sees you, but he doesn't even make eye contact with you. All the years you spent in school have not prepared you for the insecure feelings and humiliation you are now experiencing.

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, and just about every other profession spend years in advanced schooling learning their trade before they ever see their first client. Your advanced schooling consisted of a short company training course teaching you how to enter orders and find information about the thousands of products you're supposed to be selling.

For the most part, learning to sell is a personal responsibility. To earn the rewards available in this greatest of all professions, invest time in reading and learning your trade.

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