Saturday, December 2, 2017

People Need You Right Now

Right now, at this very minute, there are people in need of your products and services. These potential customers are going to your competitor because they don't know who you are, what you do, why they should choose you and how to find you.

The components of marketing are really simple. However, all the new social media venues, added to the already existing choices, make the subject seem complicated.

Let's boil it down to the lowest common denominator. The purpose of marketing is to let potential customers know, and remind existing customers, four things:

1. Who you are.
2. What you do.
3. Why you.
4. Where to find you.

Think of your marketing as "word of mouth". Only you are in control of the words.

Here's three marketing statements that answer the four questions: who, what, why and where?

Grocery store example:

1. Who you are: My name is Joe Smith, owner of your local IGA Grocery Store.

2. What you do: We have a huge selection of locally grown produce as well as a deli department with a unique selection of meats and cheeses that you won't find anywhere else.

3. Why you: Our highly skilled and knowledgeable meat cutters will show you how to amaze your friends and family when they eagerly show you how to prepare and serve meals that will really be impressive. Service you won't find anywhere else.

4. Where to find you: We are located in Edmond on the SE corner of Western Ave and Memorial Road with plenty of parking.

If you were to put a similar short and precise message on the local radio station (recorded by you), in the local newspaper (with your picture), on the local television station (with you doing the commercial), on all your social media networks, in the yellow pages, on a targeted postcard mailing to all the neighborhoods surrounding your store or restaurant, what do you think would happen? Would it work?

I can predict with 100% certainty that it will work IF it was done consistently and you lived up to your promises.

Restaurant example:

1. Who you are: Tony Valentine, owner of T's BBQ, where award winning BBQ doesn't happen by accident.

2. What you do: Since opening in May 2014, starting at zero, T's BBQ has grown to cooking over 400 pounds of BBQ every day for our dine-in, carry-out and catering customers.

3. Why you: Before opening T's BBQ I spent more than 7 years entering Kansas City BBQ competitions going from a novice to winning cash prizes and awards for my perfected recipes. Most people would stop there, but I wanted my BBQ to be the very best. I went on to become a Certified BBQ Judge and am now qualified to not only create my own award winning BBQ, but to judge the quality of others.

4. Where to find you: T's BBQ is located at 108 Lakeshore Dr, Harrison, AR. Across from Lake Harrison.

What do you say when people ask you about your business?

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