Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How successful people think

Do you know that ninety-five percent of everyone in prison was told over and over again as they were growing up:  "You are going to end up in prison some day"?
Think about it.  Over and over again they were told they were going to end up in prison some day.  What if they were told something different?  What if they were told over and over again that they might be in a little trouble right now, but they will get past it?  What if they were told that they were going to grow up and be successful?  Would that make a difference?  
So to get excited about selling, you have to put things in your mind that will get you excited and passionate about what you do for a living. 
Put a thought like this in your mind and watch the difference...
(READ THIS LIKE YOU MEAN IT!)  "I am excited!  I stay focused on all the good things I have to be excited about.  I am excited about my career, my opportunities and my challenges.  My excitement drives me to do everything with energy and enthusiasm.  My mind is focused fully on what I am doing and I am able to get things done by telling myself to “DO IT NOW”.  I am excited and act enthusiastic and everyone around me catches it.  Every time I see someone I know or meet someone new I am excited and enthusiastic about seeing them.  By being enthusiastic, excited and full of energy I am a more valuable person.  Energy and enthusiasm guarantees my success as a highly paid professional sales person.  Energy, passion and enthusiasm will attract customers and sales to me.  This energy will be like a magnet and attract bigger customers and larger commissions to me.  I am going to give everything I have to everything I do." 
The opposite it to be a daydreamer.  Always wishing you were somewhere else doing something different.  Life is what it is.  For whatever reason, you are where you are right now so you have to deal with it.  Your job is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand!    That means there is no getting around it... you have to make the prospecting call, send the email, mail the letter, take care of the follow up and keep going.
Forget about whether you feel like it or not.  Actions come before feelings.  ACT enthusiastic and your feelings will follow.  If you wait until you FEEL excited before you act you will be like the woman sitting on the park bench who turned into a skeleton waiting for the perfect man.  It ain't gonna happen!  
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