Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sorry for interrupting

When you see that your customer is busy you should never apologize for interrupting.  There is a psychological law that makes a customer react to the attitude  expressed by the sales person, in the same manner.

"If you are sorry for interrupting me, why are you interrupting me?"

There is nothing mysterious about this psychological law, except the results that come when you put it into effect.  It makes sense.  Everyone wants to do the appropriate thing.  Everyone wants to "rise to the occasion." We act out our parts in accordance with the stage that we find set before us.  There is an unconscious urge for the customer to "live up to" the expectations you, the sales person, has of them.

You have the power to set the stage.  If you want your customer to be agreeable, act agreeable.  Don’t fall into the trap of responding to their actions and attitudes.

If you decide beforehand that a certain customer is going to be difficult to deal with, chances are you will approach them with a negative attitude, with your fists mentally clenched ready to fight. 

When you do this, you literally set the stage for them to act on.  He or she rises to the occasion.  The customer will act the part that you have set for them to act and you come away convinced that they really are a "tough customer," without ever realizing that your own actions and attitudes helped make them one.

In dealing with your customers, you see your own attitudes reflected back to you in their behavior.  When you smile, the person in front of you smiles.  When you frown, the person frowns.  When you shout, the person shouts back.

How do you want your customer to react to you?  Friendly and agreeable of course.  So the more friendly and agreeable your approach is, the better response you will get.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Give me one good reason to buy from you

"I get sales people calling me all the time. You all look alike - sound alike - make the same promises, what makes you any different?"

Here's the answer...

You have to separate yourself from the competition.  You have to be different.  You have to be better.

One of the best ways to separate yourself from the competition is to know everything there is to know about your products and services.  If you know what you are talking about, the customer feels it and starts trusting what you say.

The goal is not necessarily to be able to give very technical characteristics. The goal is to know the product so much in depth that you are able to simplify the complicated characteristics into powerful advantages for the customer to use the product. This means applying what you learn by turning your product knowledge into benefits and presenting these benefits to your customers.

It also means knowing your customer's business as well, or better, than they do.

Learning and self-improvement implies one essential feeling: the desire to be better, the desire to improve.

Many sales people are often surprised to find themselves dropping behind their competitors, but when they examine themselves, they find that they have stopped growing because they have ceased their effort to keep up with new selling techniques, new products and new marketing strategies.

Some people are so busy trying to learn the “tricks of the trade”, they never learn the trade.  Your ability as a sales person is always on the move, either one way or the other.  It is either getting better or getting worse.  Everything you do not use is slipping away.

Thirty minutes a day spent studying your business will make you one of the top experts in your business in a very short period of time.

One of the most successful sales people I know is a manufacturers rep for a seafood company.  I first met him at a trade show where I asked him a question about a specific species of fish.  He reached in his brief case and pulled out a 3 ring binder that was about 3 inches thick.  This binder was filled with magazine articles, pictures, charts, newspaper clippings and notes that he had collected.  He was continuously collecting information about his specialty. He was one of the most well informed sales people I have ever met, and is it any wonder he was so successful?

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