Thursday, January 28, 2016

It take guts to be in sales

I looked the word "guts" up in the thesaurus - here's what came back - courage, dauntlessness, heart, mettle, moxie, pluck, resolution, spirit, backbone, grit, intestinal fortitude, nerve, spunk! Put THAT list next to the phone or on the dash board because THAT DESCRIBES YOU!

When somebody rejects you just say this:

"Two words for you buddy - thank you!" You are simply that much closer to finding a REAL customer.

The bigger the stakes, the bigger the chance for rejection. If you were playing in the Super Bowl and your team lost because YOU fumbled the ball THAT would be the ultimate rejection. How many millions of people would be rejecting you? Without taking that risk of rejection you lose before you even start. You will never be in the Super Bowl of Sales.

Nobody likes rejection. It's natural to feel some disappointment when you hear someone say "no."

The issue is how you deal with that rejection. When you hear no it means you are doing your job.

The issue of rejection is not what the prospect or customer thinks of you, but what you think of yourself. Another important part of dealing with rejection is understanding why they rejected you.

Here is what I mean.

The reason may have to do with timing - at this particular moment in time, as you are making your sales call, they may be perfectly happy with their current vendor. They may have just had a fight with their spouse and you happen to be the first one they talk to. They may have not had anything to eat all day and it is affecting their mood. They may have just been turned down for a promotion - or a loan - or a new job. They may have just had to fire one of their employees. All these things have nothing to do with you.

Selling is really simple. Selling is asking enough people to buy your products and services. Selling is weeding out all the one's that don't "get it." All you have to do is ask enough people to buy your products and services and SOMEONE WILL BUY! If you don't make the request the customer is already ahead - you've made things easy for them! You've eliminated the possibility that they might actually say yes.

Don't let fear of rejection keep you from making the call. Approach each prospect with the idea that you are qualifying THEM. Do they qualify to buy from ME? Do they have the means to pay for what I am selling? Are they smart enough to realize the value of what I am offering? Are they worth the investment of my valuable time? Is there enough business on the table for me to spend time and money to get my share?

If not, simply REJECT THEM and go on.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Guarantee more sales

A friend of mine told me about the time he was a national sales manager for a pharmaceutical company and had the challenge of getting his sales people to make more calls.

While thinking about how to approach his sales team with the challenge of making more calls he phoned one of his friends, an up and coming physician who worked for a new service that makes house calls on patients, to ask his opinion about one of the products he was selling. When the doctor came to the phone he said “I just can’t talk to you now, call me at nine-thirty tonight.”

When the sales manager telephoned that night the doctor apologized. “I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you today, it’s just one of my regular days – I made house calls on thirty-four patients, had an hour and a half of consultation at my office and delivered two babies.”

My friend said he was not at a loss for an interesting opening statement when he began his speech at their national sales meeting.

Are you familiar with The Rule of Seven? It started back in Hollywood during the Great Depression, when people had limited money and shouldn't have been spending it on movies when they had so many other, more pressing needs. The marketing folks discovered that to motivate a person to attend a show, they had to hit those people at least 7 times in a short period of time. Then they showed up at the box office. We've got to do the same thing with our personal selling. When you target a new account, try making seven calls with short intervals in between.

"Familiarity breeds contempt," is commonly accepted, but it is not true. A study conducted in 1982 published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, by R. L. Moreland and R. B. Zajonc, said that repeated exposure to any stimulus leads to a greater appreciation and liking. This is great news for us in sales and marketing. Exposure and repetition can only increase sales.

As a sales person there are several things you can do on the personal level that will make you unique. The first thing you can do is show up either in person, on the phone, in the mail or in their email inbox.

Bottom line: to increase sales make more calls

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