Saturday, December 26, 2015

Program your mental GPS for 2016

If you correctly program your internal GPS it will give you step by step instructions on how to reach your 2016 goals. You will get minute to minute feedback telling you if you are on course, or if you need to change direction or change your activities.

The first part of the programming process is to choose a specific destination. It has to be specific. You can't program a GPS to head south. You have to enter a specific address. It can't be a destination that is unreachable or unclear.

The input must be realistic, measurable, obtainable and most important, specific. You have either reached your destination, or you have not.

Program your GPS with ACTIVITY goals. You will never know if you will sell any single person, so the goal of "open 2 new accounts" will never work. Instead, program the activities that will get 2 new accounts.

For example: "Carefully select 10 new prospects and start contacting them every week until 2 or more place an order." Your GPS will respond without any problem.

Your GPS will let you know if you are off course by planting some guilt and self doubt if you DON'T keep your promise to yourself. It becomes easier to make the 10 extra calls than to keep hearing your GPS in the background telling you to make a U-turn! (That's part of your guidance system). If you MAKE the 10 extra calls your confidence and self esteem will be higher. (Also part of your guidance system).

It makes sense that if you don't know where you want to go, or what you want to accomplish, you won't ever establish a working plan of action. The purpose of the GPS is to keep bringing you back on track. Everyday things happen to really mess up the plan. But with your GPS destination you keep coming back on track.

Here's the biggest activity that will guarantee reaching your destination. Keep entering your GPS data! Buy a journal and rewrite your goal daily. Every morning sit down and write your goal along with your list of things to do. Your built is GPS will be working in the background to get you there.

Without a goal it is like a trip I took to Quebec. Everything was in French. I couldn't read a single road sign. Had I not had my GPS I would have been completely lost. However, all I had to do was enter the address of the hotel I was heading to and presto, step by step instructions were given to me.

What is the address you want to end up at? Write it down. Give you mind a clear picture of what it looks like and presto! Step by step instructions will come to you almost like magic.

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