Friday, September 20, 2019

Impossible to fail

Do you know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to fail in sales? It is impossible to persistently apply and reapply the principles of selling and fail. It can't be done!

Once again, the key is to persistently apply and reapply the principles of selling.

People don't fail because they are "not cut out" for sales. They fail because they are not willing to do the things successful people are willing to do.

Application of selling principles is the key. Many sales people talk a good game. They can tell you about the big sale they almost made, the hot new account they are working on, or the big sales goal they have. They can talk a good game with their customers as well.

"Sure, I will get back to you on that."

"Trust me, this is the product and program for you."

You know the type.

The person who continuously looks for new ideas and better methods of selling is the one who moves forward. The person who learns something new, applies it and reapplies it over and over until it becomes a skill. This doesn't have to be some "new" selling secret, it only has to be "new" to you. The basic principles of selling never change!

The person who DOES what he or she says they are going to do is the one who makes it in the long run.

Customers are not sold by empty promises made by sales people who are insincere. They are sold by a sales person who WEARS WELL. The person who looks for ways to show their customers how to make more money, how to sell more, how better manage their business, is the person who is not full of hot air and promises. They really don't SELL as much as they HELP CUSTOMERS BUY.

To be the type of person who wears well all you have to do is simply…

1. DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO. Don't be "All Sizzle and No Steak"

2. Apply what you learn and then reapply it again and again until it is automatic.

The toughest door to open is the one that gets you out of the house early and the toughest sale is the one we have to make to yourself. You have to convince yourself to do what you learn until you own the skill, to apply what may seem difficult at first.

There is no magic rabbit that you pull out of the hat and say "here is the secret of selling." There is no silver bullet that will win the sale every time.

It is impossible to persistently apply and reapply the principles you are learning and fail.