Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Guilty as charged - here's proof

I am guilty... I have been watching way too much politics.  In trying to justify my wasted time I have figured out how each candidate would respond to their price being too high:
Donald Trump – TOO HIGH?  Are you kidding.  Have you seen the price the Democrats have been charging?  Bernie Sanders wants to low ball you by adding on all kinds of hidden cost – it will end up costing you two to three times what I’m charging.  And besides all my competitors are idiots!  They are just plain stupid and incompetent.  Pay this price and I will show you how to be a winner!  And don't forget, I'm leading in the polls!
Hillary Clinton – TOO HIGH? Compared to WHAT?  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!  Customers like you need a champion, and I want to be your champion, but to be your champion you have to pay my price.
Bernie Sanders  – TOO HIGH?  You have been taken advantage of by all the BIG BOYS for way too long.  It’s time you declared that you are fed up and not going to take it any more!  It’s time that you helped out the little guy and paid me a little extra so I can keep the lights on and food on the table!  Up in Vermont, these are the prices that customers paid.  I think you should be a little careful about underestimating me if you don’t pay my price.
Ted Cruze – TOO HIGH?  Yes my prices are high, but if you buy from me you will not have to pay any income tax on the profit you make by selling my products.  Buy from me and even if you have to pay a little more you will get me.  I have been doing so much with so little I can now do anything with nothing!  I will show you how “anybody with nothing can achieve anything.”  Buy from me at my price and I will show you how, together, we can build a dynamic relationship.
Ben Carson – TOO HIGH? – look, I’m a reasonable man.  Let’s sit down and discuss how much you are willing to pay.  Let’s see if we can come to some type of compromise so everyone will be happy.  Besides, I didn’t want to sell it at this price, but so many people asked me to do it, I felt an obligation to charge you this much.  After all, I’m probably never going to be politically correct because I’m a surgeon, not a sales person.
Jeb Bush – TOO HIGH? – you paid a higher price to my dad and my brother, why won’t you buy from me and pay what I am asking.  If you don’t want to pay my price I will take this issue up with my finance department and see if there is any room in here to wiggle a little.  I have been in this business a long time and would like to do things the way they have always been done!  Maybe I can get one of the other departments to cut their costs a little so I can meet your demand.  I want to price you from the heart.
Marco Rubio – TOO HIGH? – Let me explain why you should pay this price.  I grew up poor.  I know what it’s like to go without.  I want to charge you more so I can have a better life for myself and my family.  I will put the extra money you are paying in a rebate program and pay it back to you.  My company wants to get smaller and charge higher prices so everybody wins.  It’s time for my company to lead the way towards a new era of higher prices.
Joe Biden – TOO HIGH? – I just can’t decide how much to charge you.  If you think my price is too high, maybe you’re right and maybe you’re wrong.  I just don’t know.  I will decide in 90 days and let you know if I can lower my price or not!
Carly Fiorina - TOO HIGH? – I want to be transparent.  After all I have been the CEO of the company before and I know how important it is to charge a high price when you are selling and ask for a low price when you are buying.  Just as long as my price is lower than Hillary Clinton’s I think we can come to some agreement.
Chris Christie – TOO HIGH?  I am ready to fight for my price.  I know how to fight because I am from New Jersey and when you grow up in New Jersey you learn how stand up and look them in the eye!  That’s my price and I’s sticking to it!
Rick Perry – TOO HIGH?  You’re right.  How do they expect anyone to sell at these prices?  I quit!

Happy Thanksgiving... it’s a great time to be thankful that so many people are willing to stand up, take the abuse and be willing to lay it on the line for our freedom.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to respond to - your prices are too high

In response to your higher price you should never say or feel anything negative about the way you answer the objection.  You've got to know the reasons why your price is higher.  If you are going up against a competitor check to be sure it is the same quality. Ask what else was purchased along with the particular item.

Don't be embarrassed-don't go on the defensive when the prospect objects to your price.  Avoid the following statements like poison.

Never say: "Well, you know how everything has gone up." This is weak.  It tries to sidestep the objection, and doesn't answer it. And never say, "Yes, I know you can buy it cheaper elsewhere, but what do you get for your money?" This doesn't answer the objection.  Stress instead the benefits of using your product. Benefits that more than justify Its cost.

And never say,  "I know our price is high -but our costs have been skyrocketing." The prospect doesn't care about your costs, and it doesn't answer the objection.

Often the sales person can get the prospect to answer his own objection or to admit that it is not a valid objection.  This method should be used when the prospect raises an objection on a subject he or she obviously knows little about. To let the prospect answer his or her own objection you just let the objector talk.

Ask your prospect questions about the objections.  You may say, for example, "I am interested in why you say that, Mr. Smith.  I wish you would explain it to me more fully." You may merely ask him, "Why do you believe that?" If, as so often happens, the objection is not a valid one and the prospect has at best only a half-baked idea of what he is talking about, he will usually flounder around a while and end by admitting that the matter is of no importance.

Assume that the customer or prospect has not really raised an objection but that he or she has asked for information.

"...We sell millions of dollars worth of our products every year to the most successful eating places in town. Here are the names of 12 customers that you will recognize immediately. They buy their groceries from us and they love it because of our service, delivery, marketing programs, low out of stocks, fast inventory turnover and our fast top-notch service."

You explain to the prospect the true situation-you give him the facts.  For example, when the prospect says, "Your price is too high," just assume that he asked, "Why is your price higher than that of some of your competitors?" Then tell him why it is higher.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

How successful people stay motivated

A study of 2000 salespeople was conducted to determine what caused emotional burnout.  The research found that having a desire to be of service was 240% more important than simply being satisfied with your job.

Successful selling requires more than simply calling on customers and closing sales to achieve a numerical goal.  For continued motivation, it must also involve a cause greater than financial success alone - it must involve helping make customers' lives better.

Money can motivate in the short term.  However, for sustained success, there needs to be a sense of serving others.  And that means a clear understanding of the difference that a sales person will make in their customers' lives.

When sales people are uncertain of the true impact their product or service has, or don't believe in what they are selling, they waste energy chasing fears and doubts.  Over time, they lose confidence and effectiveness.

Staying motivated is a challenge for both the sales people as well as the sales manager.  I did my own research on this topic and ended up with about staying motivated.  The common denominator was their desire to make a difference in their customers business.

Here are some of the comments from the research:

"Keep learning more about my customers business so I can help them more in unique ways"  
Nigel Boswell

"The excitement of helping your customer and knowing he or she is happy generates self motivation"  
Joyce Stallard 

"My customers are also counting on me to be the very best I can be for them" 
Scott Caldwell

"I like people and being able to help them be successful in making money" 
Mike Dossett

"The happier I make a customer, the more I stay motivated"  
Roland Degregorio

"I get a lot of satisfaction from solving my customers' problems and helping them be successful" 
David Kubisch

"I can distinctly remember the rush I would get when a customer would really let me work for him" 
Bob Beasley

"I tell myself over and over...I am filling a need.  I am providing a service that will change their life!" 
Lori Randall

"The more I learn about my product and the way it improves the lives of the user really fuels my passion for what I sell" 
Carrie Smith

"I think back to all my customers that have thanked me and have told others about how much I have helped them with ideas and service" 
Lynn Goode

"I don't sell anything, I solve problems. By keeping that in mind I really feel I am helping my customer" 
Vern Holder

"I like to think that I have useful information for people, so why would I withhold that from them" 
Vicki Anderson

"We make a difference every time we sell product to the customers"  
Chadney E. Sawyer

"My motivation comes from excitement I get from working with my customers to solve their problems" 
Jeff Ramesbottom

"When we go out of our way to make something happen and the customer appreciates our effort to help his business" 
Teddy Bazakos

I think you get the point.  If you are in it just for the money, your enthusiasm will eventually disappear