Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Being aggressive in sales

Being aggressive doesn't mean being pushy, it means being mentally strong!

To be successful in sales you have to have a sense of toughness. If you don't you will give in to failure. If you go into the prospects place of business with only a mild sense of confidence you will likely get beaten by a competitor. If you don’t have a strong need to be mentally tougher in your life, you won’t have the dedication or determination to take the psychological abuse.

The more urgent your desire to have mental toughness, the more likely you will be able to endure the hardships and earn the rewards.

Reviewing your goals and learning new selling principles is not a one time procedure. If you become mentally lazy and foolishly take for granted that your skills are always sharp and readily available, you are unprepared. It doesn't matter how strong you are, or how much stamina you have. If you assume that you don’t need any mental preparation to get the sales numbers you know are possible, you will pay a price.

The competition and tough buyers will kick you to the curb. Even a slightly less than aggressive attitude will have you back-peddling. You see this happen in sports where a team is so heavily favored, they take their opponents too lightly and get beaten. In a more serious example, a warrior may have many victories, but if he begins to bask in glory and rely only on his reputation, he will eventually be killed in war. The point you want to take home here is never assume you are in the right frame of mind to do battle. You must always reload emotional bullets in your mind’s chamber.

Aggressiveness has many different definitions. It does not mean being a bully or being pushy. The aggressiveness I’m talking about begins and takes place in the mind. There are many shades of aggression, the shade I am talking about is psychological.

Aggression is a state of mind that will dominate your thinking process during the adversity that is inevitable. It is about being methodical with a strategy to overcome the threat of quitting. Mental toughness is about your thinking patterns. If you don't have a clear mind, you will have difficulty forming your plan of attack.

Your competitor will always try to disrupt your composure and try to make you panic.

Look at how boxers come out their dressing rooms ready to fight. They are relaxed yet intense with their focus. Although they appear calm, they each have one goal in mind – to win. The best fighters are patient, calculating, and waiting for their opponent to make a mistake. And when he does, the successful fighter will make their move.

On the other hand, if a fighter gets hurt and goes down to the mat, it’s going to take as much aggressive effort for him to get back up. Only through aggressive determination can he make a comeback. In both scenarios, having an aggressive mind is essential to either delivering a vicious uppercut or get you back on your feet when your opponent has knocked you down. It’s all about having the ability to be aggressive at the right time.

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