Monday, August 3, 2015

Be specific

There is an old saying that one specific is worth a hundred generalities. Being specific demonstrates that you have done your homework.

Don't say "This will increase sales".

Instead say this; "If you sell just 100 of these per week your profit will be over $12,000 per year. Is there any reason we shouldn't get started right now?"

Don't say "This will lower your labor cost".

Instead say; "This will save you four hours per day in labor cost which will amount to over $7,000 per year in total savings. If you can use an extra 7.000 in profits let's get this going today."

The same is true when talking about percentages. The more you can tie it to a dollar amount the more receptive the customer will be.

Don't say; "This could lower your cost by one percent".

Instead say; "This could lower your cost by at least $10,000 per year, which is a full percentage point. Do you agree that kind of savings is worth the small investment in our program?"

You can’t close on a generality. You can only close on a specific.

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