Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why 2 out of 3 sales people fail

A study conducted on the failure of sales people discovered an amazing fact.

Out of 2,347 sales people employed by leading concerns in twenty-seven lines of business during a one year period, 1,482 of them failed before the year ended.

The fact that 63 per cent of the total number failed means that nearly two sales people failed for every one who was successful.

The reasons for this high rate of failure?

97% Lack of industry
37% Discouragement
12% Failure to follow instructions
8% Lack of product knowledge
4% Dishonesty 2% Poor health.

Think about it! 97% of the people who failed simply didn't do the work! And the work is making calls.

Show me a person of average ability who diligently gets out of the door early every morning, makes contact with 10 to 15 customers or potential customers every day and I will show you a person who is destined to succeed.

If you worked as hard on selling as warehouse employees, delivery drivers or meat cutters work at their jobs, your sales would double.

Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of folks who know how to put in a good days work. You are most likely one of them. There are plenty of top sales people who know they paid a price for all the business they have.

I know several sales people who are in the five to ten million dollar a year arena. Ask any of them how they are able to sell so much and they will tell you the same thing. They work their tail off! They are hungry and ambitious.

How did we get so soft? When did we start thinking that it wasn't necessary to call on more customers? I think it started when someone came up with what they thought was a satisfactory number of customers or prospects to call on. There is no satisfactory number. You have to call on however many it takes to move x number of cases out of the warehouse or to sell x number of products.

I know a sales rep in Las Vegas who has 6 accounts and sells thirty million dollars a year! He calls on each account twice a day. I know another rep in Alabama who has 80 accounts and sells six million a year.

Make the calls, see the people, and success is guaranteed.

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