Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Turn off the cell phone

Can you imagine being in the closing moments of a large, important purchase and just as you have one final question before you sign the deal, the sales person takes a call on his cell?

That would tick me off enough to say "take this sale and stick it!" Well, that is exactly what happened to YOU! And that is exactly what you DID!

I recently asked people on my email list to send comments about their last car purchase. What they liked or didn’t like about the sales person that sold them the car.

As I was editing and placing the comments my readers were so kind to send me there was one HUGE complaint that showed up over and over again. The biggest deal maker or deal breaker was how well the sales person listened, or did NOT listen. Without a single doubt, the most important skill a sales person can have is to listen better.

Here are just a few of the comments YOU made about this important part of the sales process:

"Great listener"

"Because the salesman listened"

"Listening to us was the key"

"Listened and keep gathering information"

"It was his listening skills that earned the sale"

"He was listening to me and my wife"

"Not listening cost him the sale"

"Asked really good questions and listened"

"He listened to what I said"

"He listened and there was no high pressure"


"He wasn’t pushy and listened"

"He listened to my wife, he asked questions"

"He listened what I was looking for"

"Politely listened to my wife"

"Asking what is important to me"

"Not listening to what was wrong"

"By listening to us he made the sale"

"He was willing to listen, really listen"

"Took the time to listen to us"

"Not listening and pre-judging needs cost him the sale"

"One thing he failed to do and that was listen"

"If they only would have listened he would have sold me"

"Asked the right questions and listened carefully"

"He reinforced the fact that he was listening to me"

"He asked questions then he shut up and LISTENED"

"Had he listened to us he would have made the sale"

"He listens, he consults, he works to get me what I want"

"My salesperson listened to what I had to say"

"He listened and offered suggestions"

"He did NOT waste my time but LISTENED"

And by listen, I mean focusing on what they are saying rather than waiting for an opening to jump in and start “selling” again!

Are you guilty of talking too much and not being a great listener? If you are guilty, I guarantee, people will cross the street so they won't have to listen to your endless, meaningless, boring stories.

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