Saturday, June 6, 2015

What to ask early in the sales call

One thing about customers we all agree on - they have long memories. Ten years ago someone from your company may have made a mistake with a particular customer. It could have been anything from not receiving a credit to a phone call not being returned. There may have been something about ad delivery driver that previously upset the customer.

That is why the initial questions should always try to uncover any over riding objection the prospect or customer might have. Until you clear this objection your presentation, no matter how good or convincing it is, will fall on deaf ears. Since it is almost always necessary to make more than one call on a prospect before they are ready to buy, The initial call should always start by gaining information.

Many sales presentations are designed to go through the entire presentation before handling the objections that are sure to arise. Once again any objections your potential customer has for not giving you an order should be handled first. The reason is simple: If there is some obstacle that seems insurmountable, your prospect will not hear anything else you have to say until you deal with it.

In the back of the prospects mind, maybe not even consciously, they will be thinking that whatever you say doesn’t really count, because there is an overriding reason why they will not give you the business anyway. As long as an obstacle blocks your path, you will never get past it until you bring it out in the open and deal with it. The only way you can bring this obstacle out in to the open so you can deal with it is by asking questions early in the sales process.

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