Sunday, April 5, 2015

Your customer's biggest fear...

"You want me to drop my current vendor and you want me to buy from you! How do I know you are who you say you are? How do I know you have my interest at heart? How do I know you will deliver what you say you will?"

Trying to sell in today's business climate without first earning trust is like having the most powerful computer in the world and not knowing that you have to plug it in to make it work!

Non-performance by the company or sales person is the customer's biggest fear. Another way of saying it is OPUD. It stands for Over Promise Under Deliver. A deadly sin committed by overly aggressive sales people. They have made it difficult for the rest of us.

To make a change requires assurances that you will be able to handle their business. Many times in the customer's mind it is easier to stay with their current supplier even if the prices and delivery are not exactly as they would like.

That is why there are so many objections you must overcome before they feel comfortable enough to give you their business. If you can't overcome the objections, chances are they will not trust you enough to buy from you.

Every night on the news you hear about another way someone was taken advantage of, lost their money, lost their house, lost their business, etc. More and more reasons not to trust anyone.

Let me help you overcome those dreadful objections you face everyday and earn the trust of your prospects. Put all 37 More Gross Profit strategies to work and you will have an insurance policy against losing your customers to competitors whose only strategy is to cut prices.