Sunday, April 5, 2015

Are your sales people under or over 40

If you are under 40 and are making a good living as a distributor sales rep, you are becoming a rare breed. You never have to worry about making a good living.


Because most of the people today in distributor sales or selling for manufacturers are well beyond 40 years old. Younger folks are just not attracted to working face to face with customers. They prefer to text, email or contact them on Facebook. All great tools, but hardly something you can develop a close personal relationship with and close sales.

This is too bad because they are missing out on the most exciting things in life. They are missing out on all the confidence, self gratification and self esteem that go along with closing a sale (in person) and building a working relationship with a customer (in person). Not to mention the freedom of working out of your home office or the excitement of being on the road visiting customers.

Do you have any sales people who are new, not making their numbers, or have become complacent?

Do you have any sales people who are having a difficult time dealing with the rising prices?

Everything is going up. The only thing saving us at the moment is low fuel prices. What happens when fuel jumps back up?

The "perfect storm" is approaching. Everything is pointing to high inflation. We have to help our front line sales people deal with the upcoming price increases, especially our newer sales people. If we don't, they simply won't make it. And we can't afford to lose them.

Here's a clear sign that sales people need help. On a recent sales call a sales rep for a large company was asked; "Why should I buy from your company?" His response; "I have a wife and two kids! Do you have any kids?" The prospect answered "No!" Obviously this poor sales rep needed some training. If I told you who the company was, you would be shocked.